Stricter Reporting Measures Regarding Family Violence in Texas Divorces

Effective as of September 1st, 2015, Texas Senate Bill 818 requires a parent, who is appointed as a conservator of a child, to disclose particular information regarding a history of domestic violence. Previously, a parent subject to a court order was required to reveal if he or she were living with a person who had been convicted of a sexual offense. Now, parents in Texas must adhere to more rigorous reporting measures.

A parent must disclose to the other parent if:

  • The parent establishes a residence with a person who is subject of an active, final protective order, at the time when the residence is established
  • The parent lives with or allows unsupervised access to a child by a person who is subject of a final protective order
  • The parent is subject to a final protective order issued after the date of the order establishing conservatorship

For the first requirement, the notice must be presented to the other parent at the soonest available time, but no later than 30 days after a parent begins living with a person who is subject to a protective order. The deadline is the 90th day after the date the final protective order is issued for the second requirement, or 30 days once the protective order was issued for the third requirement. Failure to notify the other parent results in a Class C misdemeanor.

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