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  • Reducing the Cost of a Divorce Case
    Besides having an incredible emotional toll, divorce can be financially draining for both parties involved. Countless fees, including but not limited ...
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  • Effectively Communicating with Your Spouse during Divorce
    During a divorce, communication may be the last thing on your mind. You could even be wishing to never communicate with your spouse ever again. ...
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  • Top 5 Reasons People Divorce
    Contrary to popular belief, infidelity is not behind the demise of all marriages. In fact, it’s not even the number-one cause of divorce in the U.S. ...
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  • Should I Move Out During Divorce?
    The decision to end a marriage is difficult enough. When you add the pressure of sharing a home with someone you’re about to divorce, the situation ...
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  • How Long Does Divorce Really Take?
    The divorce process is not one-size-fits-all. In fact, they all vary a great deal depending on things like whether or not you take your case to trial, ...
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  • Should You Date During Divorce?
    Dating your way through a divorce can be tempting, especially if you’re coming to the end of an unhappy marriage and hoping to find something better ...
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  • Handling Your Emotions During Divorce
    It has been said time and time again: divorce is difficult. However it is not an insurmountable hardship , and there are ways to tackle the emotional ...
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  • DIY Divorce: Is It Right for Me?
    Divorcing spouses may think that they are able to handle a divorce on their own; with the thought that they will save on attorney fees or that they ...
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