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Divorce Lawyers in Little Elm

Over 20 Years of Experience Practicing Family Law in Texas

Family law issues can be extremely emotional affairs. For this reason, our Little Elm family law attorneys offer compassionate guidance for every case we take. At Coker, Robb, & Cannon Family Lawyers, we are a team of skilled legal practitioners who not only represent our clients in and out of the courtroom, but also offer sound counsel at every step of the way.

Our Little Elm attorneys put our clients first. This means that respond to all correspondence in a timely manner. Additionally, we take our clients' wishes and goals into account before we begin every court proceeding and continue to do so until the conclusion of the case.

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Family Law Services in Little Elm, TX

Each case we take is handled with the same amount of care and dedication to working toward the best outcome possible. We care about our clients and will represent them with strong litigation and advocacy.

Our Little Elm family lawyers handle the following cases:

  • Spousal Support: When a couple goes through a divorce, sometimes one spouse will seek support from the other. Our attorneys are here to help establish a fair payment plan.
  • Same-Sex Marriage/Divorce: Our attorneys work to ensure that same-sex couples rights are protected during any divorce proceeding or any family law matter.
  • Property Division: It can be challenging for couples to decide who should get which marital assets. Our attorneys can help divide property fairly.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: It can be important for couples to establish asset and debt division guidelines before they are married in order to avoid any potential conflicts in the future should the marriage end in divorce.
  • Paternity: Parents who are not wed at the time of their child's birth must establish paternity through legal processes.
  • Modifications: In instances where a person's lifestyle has changed significantly, they may seek an amendment to an existing court order. We can help you present your reasoning and proof for this modification to the court.
  • Enforcement of Court Orders: When one party refuses to honor a court order, the other party can seek legal counsel to enforce the order.
  • Domestic Violence & Protective Orders: People who are victims of domestic violence have options to protect themselves. We can provide advice and guidance toward securing one of these options. If you are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.
  • Divorce: A divorce can be difficult in many ways, but the right divorce attorney in Little Elm can help ease this process as much as possible.
  • Debt Division: In the eyes of the court, marital debts are shared evenly between spouses regardless of who accrued them. Our attorneys can help you divide debt in accordance with who accumulated certain debts to begin with.
  • Collaborative Divorce: Couples who are able to amicably discuss key divorce issues may be able to utilize an alternative divorce solution such as collaborative divorce. We can help you determine if this method would be best for your situation.
  • Child Support: Some parents may deem it necessary to work out an arrangement where one party needs financial help caring for their children. Our attorneys will help you seek an appropriate amount.
  • Child Custody: Co-parenting requires a carefully put together schedule. We can help you create a schedule that works best for all parties involved.
  • Annulment: We can help you determine if your situation fits the criteria and will guide you through the proceedings.
  • Adoptions: There are many papers to file and legal red tape to get through when adopting a child. We can help you get through all the steps and ensure you are well prepared.

Little Elm Divorce Attorneys You Can Count On

At Coker, Robb, & Cannon Family Lawyers, our Little Elm divorce lawyers offer compassionate and skilled legal services. We treat all our clients with an equal level of importance and care.

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