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Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid


One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is the way it will affect your children, particularly as it pertains to the custody and support orders that are ultimately established. If you’re currently dealing with a contested divorce and heated custody battle, protect your parental rights by avoiding the following.

  1. Don’t make the matter public on social media. It’s easy to want to turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when in the midst of a frustrating and emotional custody battle. However, we strongly suggest that you resist the urge to do so. These are not private forums. Any frustrations vented here, any negative depictions of your soon-to-be ex, and/or any pictures of you drinking or partying could be used against you in a custody agreement. In fact, some of the most compelling evidence used against parents comes in the form of social media updates and pictures. Play it safe: Don’t post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want a judge seeing in court.
  2. Don’t break the Temporary Custody Order established by the court. At the onset of a divorce, it’s not uncommon for the court to issue a temporary interim custody order. The parameters established in this order should be strictly followed. Under no circumstances should you even consider disobeying the time-sharing, decision-making, and traveling stipulations governed by the temporary custody order. Something as seemingly harmless as failing to deliver your children to their other parent by a specific time and day could significantly impact the ultimate custody agreement approved by the court.
  3. Don’t exhibit a general unwillingness to communicate and co-parent. Now is the time for you and your soon-to-be ex to prove you can amicably and effectively communicate and co-parent. If you can’t do it now, the Judge will have no reason to believe you’ll be able to do it in after the divorce has been finalized. Your best shot at more time with your children is through the behaviors and interactions you display in the time leading up to finalizing your custody case. Act wisely.

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