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Three Ways to Divide Time During Winter Holidays


Christmas familyThe holidays are the time when families come together. For those who have been recently divorced, this may be the first time you have to think about your custody and visitation arrangements. If you are trying to work out an agreement during for the holidays, understandably, this will become one of the more emotional and contested matters between you and your spouse. You want what is in your children’s best interests and want to continue to provide them joyful holiday memories, but also you want them to be able to spend time with you and your spouse’s family.

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Arranging Your Holidays

After a divorce, families are forced to restructure and make new traditions. You will have to think about how you want to spend the holidays, but also what will benefit your children most. Having a game plan well in advance can relieve some of the stress, so you will not be left scrambling at the last minute.

We have found that families have found the following beneficial:

  • Alternating Holidays. Every other year, families take responsibility in hosting the holiday gatherings. For example, one parent has the odd-numbered years and the other the even-numbered. It is important that you communicate with your children and help them to understand that there they will not be spending every holiday with you.
  • Splitting the Holidays. This is common among families. Celebrate Thanksgiving with one parent’s side of the family and Christmas with the other side. Or, children spend half of the day with one parent and the rest of the day with the other. This is possible if the parents live close by. Planning and communication are key for this arrangement, as you do not want to spend most of the children’s time traveling.
  • Doubling up on Holidays. There is no better way to spend a holiday than doing it twice! The children can spend the actual holiday day with one parent, and still celebrate the same one on another day with the other.

As always, your children come first and the steps you take now can ensure that they will have memories to cherish and look back on. This is a difficult time of year for everyone, but remember that you can continue to maintain tradition, but also start new ones.

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