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What Can Texas Protective Orders Provide?


There are many types of domestic violence and many methods, including harassing and stalking, that a perpetrator can use to continue pursuing a victim. A protective order is often the best method to protect a person or family from future and ongoing domestic abuse.

The protective order will make a violation enforceable even if no violence occurs during the violation. It typically enables law enforcement to be called when the perpetrator is making threats or even just being in the victim’s neighborhood. The duration of the protective order is generally between 20 days and two years, but in some circumstances it can last even longer.

Family violence can include former family members and dating relationships, and even considers violence to a pet. So a person should not assume that a protective order will not apply in their situation just because the victim is not married to the abuser.

A protection order may include various provisions, such as:

  • No Contact Provision – Restricting the abuser from calling, e-mailing, texting, stalking, attacking, and disturbing the victim
  • Stay Away Provision – Ordering the perpetrator to remain a specific number of yards or feet away from the victim, their home, school, job, and car, as well as a child’s home and school
  • Move Out Provision – Forcing the abuser to move out of a home shared by the person they abused
  • Peaceful Contact Provision – Allowing the perpetrator to amicably communicate with the person they abused on a limited basis, such as child care and visitation
  • Counseling Provision – Ordering the abuser to attend counseling
  • Firearms Provision – Ordering the abuser to surrender any guns they have in possession and prohibiting them from buying a firearm

Violation of a protective order can result in jail time and a fine. If the violation derived from a violent incident, the perpetrator can also be prosecuted for a misdemeanor or felony, along with jail time of up to two years.

If you are a victim of ongoing domestic violence, take action immediately by calling (940) 293-2313 today!

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