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How To Tell My Family About My Divorce

Thanksgiving meal

As the holidays approach, many families will typically gather to celebrate. Whether it’s for a meal at Thanksgiving, a visit to relatives out-of-town, or another event, adults who are recently divorced may be sharing this news for the first time. While the feeling may be unwavering, if an adult decides to tell family members about their divorce, there are a few takeaways to help the process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

How to Share the News

Not everyone wants to tell their family members about a divorce, and that’s okay. It’s someone’s personal business, and it’s not necessary to share this information with everyone. However, for those who do decide to share the news, the first step will be how to do this.

Many may choose to share this information in person or over the phone. Others may feel more comfortable writing an email or physical letter so the individual has more time to convey their thoughts. Another reason for writing this information could be because an individual is concerned about how a family member will take the news. Either way, the person getting the divorce should choose whichever method feels suitable for their situation.

Sharing the Actual News

Once someone decides how they are going to tell family members, the next step is to share the news. When that person is ready, they should be direct and honest about the situation. It’s okay for someone to feel sad or scared, but they should try to stay calm and collected while talking to a family member. If a family member has questions, the individual should answer them as best as they can. If a family member becomes emotional, let them know it’s okay as the situation is difficult for all involved.

End on a Positive Note

After the discussion, individuals should try to end on a positive note. They should let family members know that they are still loved and are appreciated for their support. Thank them for understanding and tell them that they’ll be updated about what’s going on (if an individual wants to make that commitment).

Considering Getting a Divorce?

Telling family members about a divorce is never easy, but by following the above tips, individuals can feel more confident about having this tough talk.

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