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Reducing the Cost of a Divorce Case


Besides having an incredible emotional toll, divorce can be financially draining for both parties involved. Countless fees, including but not limited to lawyers’ bills, court fees, real estate costs, and more, can plague both you and your soon to be ex-spouse during the potentially slow and exhausting divorce process. If you and your soon to be ex-partner have decided upon a divorce and are looking to approach this life decision from a financially sensible point of view and can somewhat collaborate in doing so, you may have options other than the traditional court process that a typical divorce entails -- thus saving you money in the long run.

Here are 3 alternatives to traditional divorce practices, in order to help reduce the time, toil, and costs:

  • Kitchen table divorce – Involves you and your soon to be ex-spouse sitting together and working out your own divorce settlement. It takes a lot of patience and an amicable relationship between the two of you to agree upon every aspect of your divorce. This entails discussing all of your assets and debts, how each and every asset and debt will be divided. If there are children, then custody and visitation schedules, child support, health insurance, and spousal support if applicable once the divorce is finalized. Not many couples are capable of facilitating an amicable kitchen table divorce. However, if you and your soon to be ex-spouse are some of the lucky few who can do so, this alternative may save you a lot of emotional turmoil from could be a long drawn-out divorce. Keep in mind that it is prudent to have a legal professional oversee any and all documents you sign in order to avoid errors and to minimize the risk of having to go back into court in the future.

  • Mediation – Increasingly popular, mediation involves the divorcing parties meeting with an impartial mediator present. Similar to a kitchen table divorce, mediation can save you significant time and/or expenses. A mediator will provide structure to the discussions, keep meetings on track, and guide the process in an efficient manner.

  • Collaborative divorce – A collaborative divorce is for people who wish to have an amicable and easy divorce process but have a rather complicated issue on the table, such as their finances, shared businesses, or children. In this kind of divorce, both parties work together to find a mutually beneficial solution, and invest in the help of a financial specialist, divorce coach, or a parenting specialist. These divorces are based on mutual respect and most attorneys regard these kinds of divorces as the best case scenario. Sadly, not every divorce can be handled this way.

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Divorce isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be completely devastating. If you and your soon to be ex-spouse are lucky enough to have a cordial relationship which allows you to divorce in any of the above ways, most attorneys recommend you to do so. However, for those of you who need a Collin County divorce lawyer to help you in the traditional sense, or if you are looking for other ways to reduce the cost of divorce, look no further than our experienced and knowledgeable team at Coker, Robb & Cannon, Family Lawyers.

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