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Establishing a Holiday Visitation Schedule


Between your own work responsibilities, holiday gift shopping, holiday gatherings, and juggling your children’s academic and social calendar, coming up with a holiday visitation schedule that works for you and your co-parent can be difficult. We at Coker Legal have seen many parents struggle with custody matters, which is why we have organized a few ways parents have chosen to share holiday time.

  • Alternate Holidays: Alternating holidays means you never have to miss spending a holiday with your children more than one year in a row. Split the holidays by one parent choosing holidays on even years and the other taking the odd years. If parents do not live close by, this plan can be beneficial as it allows enough time to plan travel arrangements.
  • Split the Holiday: If you and your co-parent live close to one another, you might want to work out splitting the holiday. Perhaps your children spend Christmas Eve at their Dad’s house and Christmas Day at their Mom’s house. You want to be careful about how you split the day; you don’t want your children to spend most of their holiday traveling in the car.
  • Celebrate Twice: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hanukah don’t always have to be celebrated on the exact day. Schedule a time for each parent to celebrate. For example, one parent could celebrate Thanksgiving on the actual calendar date, while another one can celebrate the next week.
  • Choose Fixed Holidays: If you both have different ideas about which holidays are important, you can split the holidays. Perhaps you love taking the kids up to their grandparent’s snowy cabin for the winter break, while your co-parent prefers to take them for Independence Day weekend in the Gulf.

You can choose one of these methods or a combination of them. The important thing is, you and your co-parent plan, so your children have time to create new traditions and celebrate with both of you.

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