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Adoption Numbers Rise after SCOTUS Bill to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage


Last month, when the U.S. Supreme Court made an historic move to decriminalize same-sex marriage in all fifty states, Texas’ governor, Greg Abott, signed the “Pastor Protection Act” bill to allow its passage into law. It will take effect beginning this September 1. The act allows religious leaders the right to refuse to oversee marriages that are considered to be a violation of their religious tenets.

Governor Abott contended that this law would allow pastors and other members of the clergy to be able to represent their First Amendment Rights, so that they can be “secure in the knowledge that religious freedom is beyond government’s reach.”

Adoption Numbers on the Upswing

Simultaneously, as same-sex marriage swept the country in the landmark decision, the state’s adoption rate accelerated at unprecedented rates. Across the state citizens have embraced the Supreme Court decision despite the passage of the Pastor Protection Act in the state.

The organization, Adoption in Texas, reportedly noticed the upsurge in traffic to their website, from couples of walks of life, including couples from the LGBT community. Couples from the LGBT community can now have the opportunity and stability of marriage to raise their children. This benefits adoption agencies as well, allowing for a larger selection of families to choose from, meaning more opportunities for children to find a home much more quickly.

Adoption in Texas provided the following statement: “We are not certain that ‘religious freedom’ was the true reason for the Texas Governor’s actions, but thankfully the bill will not affect anyone’s right to adoption, giving gay couples the ability to raise a family and provide a nurturing and supportive home for children who are without parents of their own.”

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