CRC Family Law Brief: Texas Family Law Courts are Open

"Are the Family Law Courts Open During Covid-19?" Transcript: "Hi! This is Duane Coker, Attorney and Founding Shareholder at Coker, Robb & Cannon, Family Lawyers. One of the questions that we're getting asked most often these days is whether or not the family law courts are open and available for business. All of the courts in the counties in which we regularly practice, including Denton County, Collin County, and Tarrant and Dallas Counties, are open and have been in one fashion or another since the Covid-19 crisis began. We're able to file petitions for divorce, modification, pleadings regarding child support, and so on in the same fashion that we always have been able to file them. Courts are conduction hearings, as well. In emergency cases, these are actually in-person hearings at the courthouse. In other non-emergency, but still urgent family law matters – like maybe a temporary orders hearing in a divorce action – these hearings are being done remotely by video. Our attorneys are representing clients in front of courts all over DFW on a near-daily basis. Additionally, we are conducting other business like mediations, client meetings, strategy sessions, and so on, by using video conferencing and over the phone. The Covid-19 crisis has definitely presented some challenges, but the bottom-line answer as to whether or not you can start a family law case or move an existing case forward is 'Yes.' At our office, we are working remotely to protect our team