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Determining Paternity

The first step to protecting your rights and enforcing responsibilities as a father is to establish that the child is actually yours. As all parents are legally responsible for the well-being of their children, once paternity has been established, child support may be required and enforced. There are many ways to determine paternity, but the following three methods are typically the most common:

  • Legally, the man married to a woman at the time of childbirth is considered to be the father of that child
  • An unwed man can voluntarily proclaim paternity of the child
  • The mother or government can file a petition to have paternity tested

Fight for Custody of Your Children

The law has come a long way when it comes to considering the rights of both parents, where it once highly favored the mother. As a father, you do have rights to your children that should be protected and upheld when determining custody arrangements. Presently, a judge’s primary concern is the best interests of the child. Typically, in order to deny a father’s custody rights, a mother would have to prove that his behavior, lifestyle, or living situation threatens the emotional, financial, or physical well-being of his child.

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