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Even in the most amicable of divorce proceedings, agreeing on a satisfactory child custody arrangement can be an arduous process. The state of Texas makes it a priority to give both parents access to their children following a divorce, but that can happen in one of two ways. One parent can be given sole custody, also known as sole managing conservatorship, or custody can be shared through a joint managing conservatorship. The significance of these arrangements has more to do with decision-making responsibilities than living arrangements, which is why the state generally prefers naming each parent a managing conservator.

Managing conservators have the authority to make decisions regarding

  • extra-curricular involvement
  • finances
  • medical care
  • moral standards
  • religious participation
  • schooling and education

When managing conservatorship is shared, major decisions must be made by both parents. In a sole managing conservatorship, only one parent is given power to make decisions. The other parent has established visitation rights but has no legal, decision-making power. Unless one parent has a history of domestic violence, the court is unlikely to establish a sole managing conservatorship.

What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for Me?

Child custody cases can become complicated and incredibly contentious for many families. To make sure that your custody arrangement is fair, reasonable, and in line with your child's best interests, we recommend that you seek legal counsel. A child custody attorney in Denton or Collin County can be by your side from start to finish, helping you to create an effective custody plan and representing your interests inside and outside of court. Our lawyers will always be there to offer our objective and sound advice so you do not make rash decisions. With so much at stake, having an experienced family lawyer by your side is a must. CokerLegal has been helping to resolve child custody issues since 1998.

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