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Since 1998, we at CokerLegal have been helping families resolve a wide range of family law issues in Denton, TX. Our experienced team of Denton and Collin County family law attorneys has created a list of some of the most common questions asked by our clients and provided the answers below. Family law cases can be stressful, but with our help, we can make the legal process easier on you and your family.

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Why can't I just settle my divorce on my own?

Although it is entirely possible for you to file for divorce without legal assistance, we highly discourage you from doing so. Even if your spouse seems cooperative and obliging at present, there is no way of knowing for sure if he or she will remain cooperative throughout the entire divorce process. With so much on the line, such as your child custody rights and assets, you cannot afford to take any chances. Having a lawyer on your side can only be beneficial because your rights and interests will be protected. In addition, having a lawyer can help you remain calm and level-headed.

I'm heading for an uncontested divorce. How can you help?

Although uncontested divorces are not as complex as contested divorces, our firm realizes that our clients can also benefit from our expert guidance. To better serve those who are dealing with uncontested divorces, we offer a flat-rate divorce program. Please visit CokerLegal’s Simple Texas Divorce website to find out if you qualify for this special resource.

How much child support can I expect to receive?

It is hard to predict how much child support you may receive because so many different factors are taken into consideration. The child's age, needs, and his or her standard of living before the divorce are just some of the factors that a court will consider when deciding on child support. Your chances of obtaining a fair child support amount are greatly enhanced when you have legal representation.

My spouse is not paying for child support as agreed in court. What are my options?

If your spouse is not paying child support as mandated in a court order, we can help you enforce that court order. Failing to obey a court order can be punishable by law. We will do everything possible to help your former spouse comply with an existing court order.

Why should I entrust my family law case to your firm?

Our firm truly cares about the men and women we represent. We believe this genuine interest and our high-quality customer services are what have led to our successful track record, not to mention our countless satisfied clients. Our legal team includes two lawyers (Duane L. Coker and Kelly K. E. Robb) who are Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We are family law experts who will work relentlessly on your behalf in order to provide you with an effective and favorable case outcome.

Glossary of Family Law Terms

  • child support – money legally owed by one parent to the other for expenses incurred for children of the marriage
  • Collaborative Divorce – a divorce processed with Collaborative Law
  • Collaborative Law – a process in which the parties and their respective lawyers agree to resolve their differences without involving the Court.
  • conservatorship – the part of the court order detailing where a child shall live and what rights and duties each parent will have, also known as “custody”
  • decree – the legal document signed by the Judge that grants the divorce and contains all of the specific terms and provisions of the divorce (Final Decree of Divorce
  • divorce – the legal end of the marriage relationship
  • enforcement – a formal legal process that requests the Court require parties to follow the Court’s orders
  • guardian – person who has the legal authority and the duty to take care of the personal and/or property interests of another person
  • guardianship – a legal designation of someone as the legal guardian for the personal care and/or property interests of another person
  • modification – a legal process for requesting changes to current Court Orders regarding child custody and/or child support
  • probate – administering an estate and taking care of all claims to the decedent’s property and assets as the decedent has set out in his or her Will
  • proposed ward – a person who is undergoing a guardianship process to be placed under the protection of a guardian

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